Friday, October 03, 2008

Cowgirl Boots & Chocolate on My Nose

Today I did two really silly things!

I wore a pair of vintage cowgirl boots to school! I paired them with chocolate brown cable-knit leggings and a black cotton dress. Then I delved into the '70s with a necklace of baubles and beads.

Obviously I look like I should be "down on the range," but instead I taught my students how to "calculate the range," as we were doing with a set of data in my classroom today.

The kids looked at me quizzically when I breezed into homeroom, but my colleague Christie squealed joyfully when she saw my feet under the bathroom stall in the faculty lounge this morning. She said, "Miss Gorman, that HAS to be YOU, right?!" and then she said she couldn't wait to see what kind of outfit I had paired with shoes like THAT! Haha.

But, lest I should become too confident in my appearance, God always finds a way to keep me humble. I went all of team meeting with a huge dollop of CHOCOLATE on the tip of my NOSE -- and none of the other teachers told me!!

I guess I'll give them the benefit of the doubt; maybe they thought it was a freckle or something. Actually, it was the size of a mole. Oh, horror!

Clearly I scarffed down my chocolate chip cookie with vigor today, paying no mind to where the chocolate went. :-(

So I sent my colleagues an email and told them that tomorrow I will test their loyalty by deftly placing a large leaf of spinach in between my teeth. We'll see if they alert me to it before the kids do!! :-)