Monday, January 12, 2009

Dancing, Dove Eggs, Scapulars, & a Cute Bug I Won't Kill

Ahh! So much to update you on!! I feel too busy to be eloquent, so I shall sum things up thusly:

1. Friday night was a girls' night out! Dana, Stacey, myself, and a few others hopped around from place to place, eventually winding up at a spot where we ran into a pack of guy friends and finished the night. Sadly, my new camera conked, and I didn't get the big group shot I was hoping to post. Argh!

2. In the wee hours of Saturday morning (when I got home), I discovered that Pure had laid her FIRST EGG! It was so beautiful!! But, since she was perched on a high perch when it fell out of her butt, it sadly cracked upon impact. I took this as my chance to open it up to see if it was fertile. And since there was no blood clot attached to the yolk, I can say that she merely ovulated. No loss of life! Whew.

3. Since the roads were icy on Saturday night, I nixed plans to see live hip-hop in Harrisburg and also forwent my backup plans to go to Philly for the Catholic Underground. Instead, Dana and I went to a local place. It was our premier appearance there. We hit the dance floor and were quite entertained by the people we encountered. The plan is to perhaps go again this weekend, this time wearing WIGS!

4. On Sunday morning, I discovered that Pure had laid a second egg! But sadly it not only cracked again on impact, but the gooey, bright yellow egg yolk had covered all of her belly and the majority of her right wing, leaving me to suspect that Innocent had probably chased her around the base of the cage (which he often does when he is in a feisty mood) and this put her in the thick of it. Her poor sweet feathers were a sticky MESS! I spent much time that afternoon soaking her in warm baths.

5. Then on Sunday afternoon I visited with my Grandmother, Aunt Tess, Uncle Fred, and my parents. Sadly, my arrival was too late to catch my cousins and their children who had left only a few minutes before I got there. But it was still good to spend time with the family that I did see! I guess I will be mailing all of my Christmas gifts to them. Oh well.

6. And then today two more beautiful Brown Scapulars arrived in the mail from! I am thankful to have an extended collection of many-colored Scapulars, but the four pictured here are my absolute favorites. Now I have the difficult decision of discerning which of the four is my absolute, ultimate singular favorite. Gosh, I just can't decide! Which one do you like best?

7. When I got home from school today, I found a sizable but goofy and cartoon-y looking insect in my apartment. Despite his ordinary brown color, he was actually CUTE (for a bug) and looked back at me with these precious, inquisitive eye stalks. I decided not to kill him and to instead give him dignity with the name of Edward. His little body is shaped like a flying saucer. I'm giving him free reign of this place based solely on his distinctive looks (which is quite superficial of me; I apologize), and right now he hanging out on the top of my fabric letter A.

8. Last thing to tell you... Tomorrow I am working from home again! I'm thrilled. My schedule shall be: breakfast with Nate, run a few errands, get hair cut and eyebrows waxed, then enjoy a good settling-in at B&N, where I will hopefully complete all that I need to!