Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dream of the Future & Enjoy the Present

I’ve picked a new girl role model. She’s just a few years ahead of me, so she’s more reachable. I can relate to her more easily than the 40-year-old punk rock one I picked before. We look similar in appearance except that she’s much, much more beautiful. She’s got the exact same faith and almost the same type of fashion style as I do, so it’s perfect. She’s fabulous yet picky with who she’ll date, and this, of course, makes her presently single but gives me profound hope. She doesn’t whine about not having found Mr. Right or not yet having children, and she appears to run around having fun, making the most of her life while God has given her this phase. She is the example I shall follow because in her I see what I want to be.

I thank her for inspiring me to joyfully skip onward (instead of trudging onward), smiling as I go, knowing that while I wait for Mr. Right to make his appearance, I can enjoy all the other gifts that God has given me as the present. Sometimes following an example is the very best way to learn. And sometimes a drastic, much-needed change of perspective takes only one tiny pivot to make. Thank you, Jesus!