Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Setting Up My Portable Office in B&N

On Tuesday, they again hired a substitute teacher for me so that I could work on curriculum mapping all day. Since I work best in the evening, I figured I'd start my work in the late morning or early afternoon and work through the evening at the bookstore. Working there would surely keep me focused on a task that would otherwise put me to sleep!

I met my friend Nate for breakfast at the hospital, then went to the post office to mail a big box of Christmas gifts to the kids in my extended family. From there, I went to the salon to get my hair cut and have my eyebrows waxed. (Many of you may not know this, but I have one giant uni-brow. Thank goodness for hot wax and tweezers!)

Then I went to Office Max and bought a new digital camera for myself, since I had bought one recently as a gift to my parents for Christmas yet had been borrowing theirs as if it was my own (since mine had just broken).

Then I wheeled my portable office into Barnes & Nobel and set up shop. For the next several hours, I worked hard on those maps, realizing again how grueling work can be when you can't talk and must sit still for an extended time. As a teacher, I am spoiled being able to run around the room, talk at length with free will, and enjoy a captivated audience. Who wouldn't enjoy being the center of attention and freedom like that, right? :-)

Finally, around 8:30 or so, I had done all the mapping that a girl could do in one day, and I just had to stop. I packed up shop, and at 9 PM my wonderful pal Shawn had me over for a late dinner. As always, we talked about the meaning of life, the dating scene, and discerning God's will though it all.

Gosh, has anyone noticed that my blogs are getting even more lame? All I've been doing lately is summarizing for you what I've been up to. BORING!! Hopefully something more interesting will happen soon so that I can be a bit more inspired with my writing. :-)