Sunday, January 11, 2009

Online Dating

I used to think that online dating sites were for people who lacked confidence or social skills.

And maybe they started out that way, but it's not like that any longer.

Yes, I've since changed my mind about them (and it's not just because yours truly now has a profile up).

I've noticed that when I go out, I don't take seriously myself or my potential suitors. Perhaps it is the context we are in and the fact that the music is too loud to hear what's being said to me, but I've already crossed him off my list. So cold!

But it's not like it's all my fault. It goes the other way, too. I'm not a very forward girl, but once in a rare while, if someone really catches my interest and I happen to be in a jovial mood, I'll say hello, plus a little something extra that is hopefully sweetness mixed with a dash of wit.

But sadly, he won't take me seriously either, because he's also come to the same conclusion that I have: In-person encounters just aren't to be taken seriously.

They are fun and entertaining and might enhance your night with a boost of self-confidence and some laughter, but that's all we want from it. He's not going to ask for my number, but I also wouldn't give it -- so the relationship works out perfectly for the short duration that it is meant to be.

If you really want to date someone, the Hidden Social Rule Book tells us, go online. Google search for it just like you would do for anything else that's important to you. Why be random with your search when you can Boolean it right down to specifics?

Anything else is to be naive, right?

So all the boyfriends I've ever had were people that I met while out, and we'd make it work even if it appeared that we were only 75% compatible.

Of course, you wouldn't get that statistic right away. You had to figure it out first, and that took time to calculate (hence, why your relationship would continue) -- and, even then, it was only an estimate.

But now, with a few clicks of the mouse, I can glide myself across that metaphorical dance floor and catch only the eyes of the guys that are 100% compatible with me.

Funny thing is... says I have 105 new perfect matches, and I'm not drawn to a single one of them. :-(