Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cookies & Loyalties

My local Girl Scout never delivered her cookies. :-(

I was told I could wait to pay until the cookies arrived, but the $7 I keep reserved in my wallet for a box of Shortbread and a box of Carmel Delights is now begging to go elsewhere.

Of course, as soon as I write her off, she will probably arrive. And then, once those cookies are before me, how can I not want to enjoy them?

I have thought about taking my loyalties elsewhere. Surely there must be a more reliable Girl Scout in my local vicinity.

Next time, I will have a better look at the amount of patches she has affixed to her uniform. And I'll look specifically for the "Cookie Loyalty" badge or something. I would imagine it would look something like the patch at right, although the lack-of-wording on it concerns me a bit because the message is unclear.

Judging her cookie loyalty is much more important than whether or not she can survive in the woods alone, tie a special knot, or evaluate the water quality of a stream, don't you think?! The hallmark of the Girl Scout is the cookie, and we all know it!!