Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where was Mr. Yuk when I needed him?

Just a moment ago, I made a huge, stupid mistake.

I was craving a bowl of cereal and was dying to eat the little mini box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that came in the General Mills Variety Pack.

So I filled a bowl and confidently poured on lots of organic milk, smiling as I reminded myself that organic milk was at least a whole lot better than the regular milk I used to buy.

I ravenously gobbled up the whole bowl, carelessly crunching away. I even put my lips to the bowl afterward and sucked up all the remaining sugar-cinnamon milk. Yum.

And then I decided to pour myself a tall one.

But just as I began to tilt my head back and fill my mouth with the cold liquid, my nose woke up from its slumber and set off my biological alarm system.

It was HORRIBLE! How could I have missed that curdled smell and taste when I ate the cereal? Had my eagerness for sweetness numbed my ability to taste the sour?

I spit it out at once, then promptly poured the remaining ferment down the drain. To my horror, I noticed that April 14th was the expiration date -- about a week ago!

So what do I do with all this yucky stuff in my tummy? Should I let it be, puke it up, or call the Poison Control Center?

I searched all my bottles of cleaning fluid in the hopes of finding a Mr. Yuk sticker, knowing that on most stickers, there's a 1-800 number to dial in order to receive emergency advice. But sadly, no stickers could I find.

So then I searched on Google. But only 50% of the Mr. Yuk stickers I encountered actually had a phone number printed on them, and these numbers proved to either be long-distance or disconnected.

But Wikipedia gave a good explanation for this. Mr. Yuk was in his heyday way back in 1971. So, in the meantime, why don't I click the link and enjoy listening to the entirely-too-long and rather disturbing Mr. Yuck Theme Song? At least it will distract myself a bit from my present state.

And so that's just what I did. :-P