Friday, May 01, 2009

Nurturing What Grows of Itself

So I have this metaphorical garden.

And I keep watering it, just to see what grows.

It's hard, trying to stay patient and faithful, but all good growth starts out this way...fragile and small and worth waiting for.

As I keep fresh the soil of my heart with the hydration of hope, I wonder what will sprout up from beneath the surface.

I have a year to watch what grows of itself naturally. Is this because God has planted one of those slow-growing seeds that begins softly but then turns into a mighty tree?

When I was a waitress in high school, an old man (who showed up every Saturday morning for breakfast) once gave me a big pink flower from his garden, explaining that such a treasure was a rarity, since the plant would only bloom every 3-5 years. I felt so lucky.

The flower waited for me in a white Styrofoam cup until my shift ended in the afternoon, but this was nothing compared to the multi-year prep time the flower endured just to come into existence.

Something is growing in my garden, and I am sure of it. Whatever it is, it will be worth having waited for!