Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pray to Alievate Suffering

There seems to be so much suffering going on in the lives of people that surround me. Indeed, I have been charged to pray and sacrifice as much as I possibly can for these people. Please, if you can join me in praying for them, I would greatly appreciate it.

Listed in no particular order...

  • The adopted grandson of the science teacher on my team was recently diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. This 18-month-old is the youngest documented person to have this type of cancer, and although they just surgically removed a brain tutor, they feel fairly certain that the cancer is elsewhere in his body. Little Noah's mother, who just gave birth to Isaac last month, was hospitalized first for shock and then kept for further care because of an infection that is spreading throughout her body. Please keep both Noah and his mother in your prayers.
  • One of my students is suffering greatly also. He had his appendix removed a month or two ago, which lead to greater complications and infection along his digestive tract. He continues to go in and out of the hospital. I was thankful that--two weeks ago, when we honored my student teacher with a going-away party--we played a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" trivia game (filled with random factoids about my student teacher), and one of the student contestants chose to use a Life Line, asking to "phone a friend." As secretly planned, the student chose to call Gavin, who was ready and waiting for the call in the hospital. I put my cell phone on speaker phone, and the entire class was able to hear his voice and yell well-wishes to him. Please pray for Gavin's healing!
  • Just this week, my neighbor Jen and her mother were in a horrible head-on collision on the highway, and multiple cars were involved in the crash. The Jaws of Life were needed to rescue them, and they are both in the hospital, suffering with tons of broken bones. The road ahead is likely to be a long and difficult one for them. Please pray that Jesus would reduce their pain and bring along a speedy recovery.
  • One of my friends is suffering greatly from compulsions. They are on her mind constantly and affect so much of what she does. Pray that God may miraculously free her from these burdens.
  • Four of my friends are struggling in their relationships. Pray for their faithfulness, love, endurance, and growth.
  • I know of two wonderful men who are serving our country over in Iraq right now. One is my dearest friend Josh. Pray for their protection as they work for peace.
  • Please pray for my friends who are struggling with homosexuality. Pray that they may feel fully loved by God and may resist temptation. I pray that their eyes are opened to see the dignity of their gender and the greatness to which they are called.
  • I have several friends who are struggling with great loneliness right now. Pray that they may more poignantly feel the companionship of our God!
  • A few of my friends are struggling greatly with this poor economy and are having trouble finding work. I pray that they may find the income that they need!
  • Pray for a girl I know who is about to give birth and care for her daughter all by herself, since the father is out of their lives. Pray that a wonderful man comes into her life!
  • Please pray for my dear friend's father who had a stroke.
  • Pray for those near me who doubt and struggle to have faith in God.
  • Some of my loved ones, friends, and a former student are having health problems. Please keep them in your prayers.
  • Several of my friends are struggling with discernment. Pray that God may reveal His Divine Plan for their lives!
  • Lastly, please pray that we may all love properly and resist sin of all kinds!
Thank you for your prayers!