Friday, October 30, 2009

Boys with Brown Scapulars

If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for guys that wear Brown Scapulars.

They're straight-up attractive to me.

It's hot to fearlessly and faithfully display your faith like that. The neck and chest are such special places on a man that--to wear his faith there--is to keep it where it should be: near his heart.

The Crusader Scapular is my favorite. It's a smaller version of the Brown Scapular with an orange cross sewn onto it. My friend Shawn put it strongly when he joined the ranks of the Confraternity last summer and called himself a "Warrior for Our Lady" and a "Knight for Christ."

Maybe this is why I pass out Brown Scapulars to my male friends with such excitement. With even the teeniest bit of a faith in his heart, wearing the Brown Scapular somehow magnifies it. Those that I've seen keep wearing it seem to only increase in faith!

For a man to look down and be reminded daily of his faith and dignity like this is just beautiful. As time passes, his scapular will look worn like a good pair of jeans. That "worn" look is what I love best, and it is probably the reason why I will often ask to see the scapulars of the men in my life who I know are most definitely wearing them.

"Just checking!" I'll gleefully say, as he pulls it out from under his shirt, wondering why on earth I'm asking to see it. And while he thinks it's the same since the last time I saw it, I can see that it's worn all the more beautifully. :-)