Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lacrae & Tedashii @ Warehouse 54

Two weeks ago, my breakdancin' boi Thomas called me up to make sure I knew that Lecrae and Tedashii were coming to town.

Hailing from A-town and Texas, these boys are my favorite, and the last I saw them was at a block party in Philly. I screamed and danced my heart out then.

This time they were on their Altered Minds Tour and would be stopping at Warehouse 54, a venue just 7 minutes from my house. How lovely is that?!

A girl barely needs to lift a finger and she's got herself surrounded by good Christian crunk hip-hop tonight! Soooo convenient!

The place was packed with mostly dudes, many of which you could tell probably drove in from Lancaster. There was several hundred people in attendance, and the music was off da hook!

I was having soooo much fun dancing, singing, and waving my arms in the air, and my heart was beating out of my chest with joy! There's nobody else I'd rather see live!

Lecrae's message was phenominal. He'd pause between each song and give us incredibly nurishing food for thought. He was straight-up and forward with us, and his love for Jesus radiated from that stage even more profoundly than the lights and music.

After the show, Melissa, Tiffany and I chatted it up as Thomas worked the social construct by seeking out the dude who books there.

And then, when almost everybody had gone home and the lights were turned off, out came none other than Mr. Lacrae Moore himself, all happy to be done and ready to socialize.

He said he liked my outfit!! I got to talk to him and then we posed for this photograph.

What a fun night. :)