Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Halloween is one of those holidays that I will never outgrow.

I used to worry that one day I would have to.

Every year I would wonder, "Is this is the last time that I will get to dress up?" And I worried that it would be.

But I'm so happy to report that--here at age 30--there are no signs of me ever stopping.

The costume parties continue to proliferate; I thankfully continue to get invited to new ones, and my costumes (while often similar from one year to the next) continue to delight me, perhaps because they take me down Memory Lane to a time called High School where I was a little experimenter with my clothes. :)

This year I went as a punk rock girl with my friend Robbie to a Halloween party out toward Philly. His friends had made over a huge garage (suitable for 4 trucks) into a veritable haunted house. The decorations were impressive!

Inside, we sat on bales of hay and watched the Phillies game on the big screen while chowing down on delicious food. So much fun!!

Now that Halloween has passed, I should be scrambling to buy myself a discounted 1920s flapper costume, for--in just a few weeks--I will be making my debut as an official actress at a murder mystery dinner party that my friends Dana and Stacy are hosting.

I can't wait! Eeek! :)