Sunday, November 15, 2009

1st Unofficial Harrisburg Diocese Young Adults Event

The last time I went to the Catholic Underground in Philadelphia, I went alone.

In fact, I felt soooo alone that I was deeply buried in lonesomeness.

I didn't want to socialize, and when everybody else went downstairs into the crypt for the musical entertainment, I stayed upstairs in the chapel with Jesus.

I started to cry, and eventually I just went home.

That night, again I found myself sobbing hard while laying on my Prayer Room floor, begging God to give me a companion in this life.

Sometimes when I cry that hard I feel like I'm going to throw up. It's a horrible feeling.

But I got through that particular bout of sadness, thanks to the prayers of my loving family and friends.

And this month, the experience of the Catholic Underground was altogether different because God healed my heart and gave me the companionship I desired!

Andrea, Chris, and I--supported by the Diocese of Harrisburg--are in the process of forming a young adults group, and so last night was the first "unofficial" gathering.

Everybody met at my house at 3 PM. We played with the doves, prayed in the Prayer Room, and then we hit the highway.

Before going to the Cathedral of Sts. Peter & Paul, we visited the St. Jude Catholic Shop, then grabbed dinner at a pizza place.

Here is a picture of the "good" table, for they remembered to pray before they ate!

My table totally forgot to say grace!! But Chris said that if Jesus walked in, he'd surely sit down with US, the sinners! And we had an extra spot for Him at the table, anyhow! :-)

It felt soooo nice to be surrounded by so many friends!

Washington DC's Kevin Heider was our musical entertainment for the evening, and my favorite part was when he started rapping!

At the end of the night, Father Kevin lead us in Night Prayer. One of my favorite lines from it is when he says, "God grant us a peaceful sleep and a restful night." Amen to that!