Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh, the insanity!

My life is a very busy one. Here's a glimpse into my schedule this week:

SUNDAY: Spend whole afternoon raking leaves and doing yard work. Work up a healthy sweat. Then spend evening doing immense loads of paperwork, paying bills, and calculating final marking period grades. Go to bed at 1:15 AM. It's seriously going to take you that long to get everything done.

MONDAY: Teach your normal workload of pre-algebra classes today, but also teach Family & Consumer Economics (when you have a free period) for a colleague who's gone home sick. And even though you lost your plan period for this, expect to plan what you will teach at tomorrow's technology conference for teachers, as well as the substitute's lessons for tomorrow. Also plan Wednesday's lessons (since that's when you're back in the classroom), as well as plan the homebound instruction lessons you will give a student immediately following the dismissal of regular school. Estimated bedtime: 12:00 Midnight.

TUESDAY: Wear your power suit and hopefully knock the socks off your colleagues with your presentation at the technology conference. Hope that you don't get lost on the drive there, and pray that you arrive early, with plenty of time to set up. Expect to run into people from the software company whose product you are endorsing. At the end of this extra-long day, be sure to quickly jet home to put a dove in cage, grab your paperwork on Saluki adoptions, and go on an hour-long commute to the breeder's. Wrap the bird cage in a towel and have the car extra warm inside so that the dove does not get chilled. Ask a million questions to the breeder and see if you bond with Lady. Then conduct a controlled experiment with only yourself, the dog, and the dove in the room. If the dog is dove-friendly and if the breeder is willing to part with her, drive home and begin financial and living space arrangements to prepare for the adoption. Sorry, there won't be time for dinner. Estimated bedtime: 10:30 or 11 PM.

WEDNESDAY: Quickly deciper the substitute's notes on how yesterday went. Quickly plan to impliment discipline to certain students, if necessary. Teach a full day of classes and somehow manage to find the time to enter a gazillion grades (in preparation for tomorrow's Parent-Teacher Conference night). In your spare time, write up and submit an official conference report. Keep packing up your classroom because we're moving to a new building next month. Give homebound instruction to a student after school, submit a timesheet for it, and--as always--prepare lessons for the next day. That evening, grade a million papers, hopefully with the help of your friend John. Begin to tackle the your email inbox. Since you average 150 emails a day, they've started to add up. Do laudry in preparation for the weekend. Create lector book for church and email completed document to director. Estimated bedtime: 11:30 PM.

THURSDAY: As always, today will be a long day. Only this time, you'll spend most of it in your classroom. You'll stay in your classroom until about 9:15 PM, when you can finally go home from Parent-Teacher Conference Night. Dodge the usual complaints from colleagues who wonder why you never go out with them afterwards, and when you get home, CLEAN the entire house (that means the floors and bathroom!!) and tuck away the laundry you did last night. You've got a visitor coming into town tomorrow! Have time for beauty rest? No way! Embrace the impending zits with humility. Estimated bedtime: 12:00 Midnight.

FRIDAY: After exerting lots of authoritative energy upon the bad kids in after-school detention today, go home and finally CRASH.