Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Here is a recent picture of my home in this delightful Autumn weather!

Doesn't it look all cozy?

I snapped this picture just before nightfall this past week.

There are so many leaves in my yard that you can't even see the little curved walkway that leads to my front door. It's totally hidden! :)

If you squint, you just might be able to see Pure & Innocent in the left window, with their daughter Meek in a pretty cage hanging above them.

My house is definitely quaint and tiny, but it is sooo full of love!

I can't wait for blankets of snow to surround it soon. I look forward to a snow day off from school where the sounds of the day are muffled and a mug of hot chocolate is sitting on my lap!

But I need to be patient and enjoy more the season we are in! No sense in rushing my life!