Friday, November 20, 2009

Life's Little Pleasures

There are some moments of my day that I absolutely treasure. They are hidden, temporary little joys that I always look forward to. I'm sure you have them, too.

Tonight I share with you four of mine, just for the fun of it. Enjoy! :)
  • The Morning Stretch & Squeal: If I experience a particularly restful night, the first few moments of my morning are blessed with a singular, full-body stretch and a high-pitch squeal, the sound of which I can never replicate throughout the day. It happens shortly after I assume consciousness but before I've gotten out of bed. It feels fantastic. [Estimated duration: 5 seconds.]
  • The High Heel Kick-Off: There's a few savory moments that immediately follow the kicking-off of one's high heels after a long day at work. For a few special moments, the arch of my foot becomes delighted with the surprise opportunity to stretch and flatten out. Suddenly, the plain old floor feels irresistable. The sensation passes quickly, but when you're experiencing it, it feels amazing and almost makes a whole day in heels seem worth it. [Estimated duration: 10 seconds.]
  • The Banishment of the Bra: For a girl of my small proportions, an exit strategy from the confines of the upper-half undergarment must be deliberate, deft, and decompressing, following a hard day's work. Like the fabric itself, the removal should be seamless, smooth, and supportive -- but this time of a swift surrendering. Mine is off before I've even put down my purse and keys! Suddenly the world becomes a much more comfortable place. [Estimated duration: the rest of the night!]
  • The Chill-to-Warm Ratio: Real coziness can only be achieved and enjoyed when the Chill-to-Warm Ratio (CWR) is 1:1. This ratio lasts only a few moments, but when I experience it, I savor and delight in it, most notably by wiggling my feet as quickly as possible. To achieve a CWR ratio of 1:1, keep your house cool at night, wear minimal clothing to bed, skip the robe when you get up to eat breakfast, and plan to return to your bed (for a short nap) within 5-10 minutes of exiting it. By following this sequence, your blankets should still be warm and your skin should be temporarily chilled. Jump into bed and enjoy the contrast! [Estimated duration: 45 seconds.]
So those are four of my favorites. What are yours? :)