Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

I am feeling ultra feminine these days.

Perhaps it's just my state in life, but it feels absolutely fabulous to be a girl right now. I have always liked being a girl, but I didn't expect that feeling this way would only increase in awesomeness as time passed.

Of course, I don't feel very feminine when I'm wearing crappy clothes that are unbecoming. Nor do I feel so when my hair is messy or I haven't brushed my teeth on a Saturday morning. At those times, I feel rather nebulous. But that's OK. I'm sure guys don't always feel on top of their game, either.

But, despite these periodic dips, I have definitely felt a surge in my femininity over the last few years. I feel like I am looking at the world through a lens framed by pretty flower petals or something. I feel this way even when I am sad and the petals seem wilted or torn.

Yes, being female is more than just a set of predetermined hormones. It is a lifestyle and a perspective.

Maybe this gradual surge started happening because I was trained in Theology of the Body back in 2007. Or maybe it's because I live with a light blue fireplace mantle and have an abundance of flowers joyfully placed around my living room. Or maybe it's because of how the good, decent men in my life have made me feel these last few months. And maybe it's because my regard for men has only increased!

I realize that no matter how independent or self-sufficient I may be, there are some things that only a man can do. There are some ways that only a man can make me feel. And, regardless of whether or not God gives me the gift of marriage, I will always need the support and love of at least a few caring men in my life. It is just my nature as a female, and God made me that way.

I am thankful for the good men God has put in my life. The other night I attempted to rake my huge yard full of leaves. After I was out there for about 20 minutes, my neighbors on both sides (each a married man) came over with rakes and a tarp, and--within a few minutes--my entire yard was done! Meanwhile, my dear friend Robbie was high up on a ladder, installing my gutter guards.

I cry when I think about how kind these men were to me. My father was home sick with the flu, otherwise I'm sure he would have been there, as well. Later that night, I tripled my dinner recipe to send food home with Robbie, and later I delivered meals to both of my neighbors to enjoy with their wives and children.

I thank God for the masculine angels that surround me, like helpful protectors on my journey through this life. Perhaps you are among them!