Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Winter Wonderland

What a snowy, winter wonderland this has been!

This is the lovely view out my bedroom window.

It has been great waking up to the sunshine each morning. Everything is all bright white and clean.

The whole world is quiet at times like this, and everything once important ceases to be so.

It's a great reminder of how God is in control, and how He can force us to rest, if He wishes. (Thank you for noticing, God, that I needed that!)

Below is a picture of my little home nestled among all the snowy trees.

Because of my home's little size, the priest at the church across the street calls me "the girl who lives in that little dollhouse with her dog." :)

I have gone through sooo many changes of clothes these days, as every time I step outside, I seem to get myself snow covered and soaked, either from the snow blower or the drifting or the continuation of precipitation.

I'm thinking about making a big snowman in my backyard, and my friend John is here presently and would probably help me, if I asked.

Actually, I'd rather make something much more interesting than just a typical snowman. A "melted snowman" is always easy and cute, but there must be something else more unique that I could try.

Perhaps I should venture to make an igloo with blocks of snow that have been shaped into neat little cubes.

Or maybe I'll just stay inside and keep warm. After all, it won't be long before I soak another set of clothes, when Macy asks to go for a walk.

It's a good thing Macy can't throw snowballs at me!