Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Holy Father's Writings on Theology of the Body

This past Monday night, an 8-week study on the topic of Theology of the Body began at my parish.

Many young adults from Lancaster Young Adult Catholics came out to listen to Christopher West speak to us about the pope's writings on the dignity of the human person and the glory of our sexuality.

It was a DVD that we watched, followed by a very enriching and fruitful discussion.

Prior to this, I served dinner to my friends Tim and Shawn. It is my goal each week to serve a meal to a different friend or two. I see this as my little ministry, perhaps: a way to give back to the people of God by hopefully making their Monday night a little easier (and Theology of the Body at little more attainable), since dinner's taken care of.

After the class, all the young adults came back to my house. My heart's joy is when this home is filled with people.

Greg played the piano for everybody, the doves flew overhead, and Macy was the recipient of tons of affection.

But, as my house began to swell to capacity with happy people, Macy began to get bashful and retired to my bedroom, perhaps because there just wasn't enough room any longer for a dog to walk around!

I thought that my "Free Religious Gifts Grab Basket" was going to be picked clean with the number of people that passed through my Prayer Room, but--like the miracle of the loaves and fishes--there always managed to be something more to give away.

If you, dear reader, have even the slightest bit of interest in learning about Theology of the Body with us, do come! Please email me at for details! The study will continue for the next 7 consecutive Monday nights. The suggested donation for the workbook study guide is $10. :)