Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Weekend Outside :)

What a weekend of splendor this has been for Macy and me! 

On Friday after school, the sunshine was so radiant and the weather was so warm and inviting that I simply had to take her out for an extended amount of time!

We went to the middle school track to run around, and I took her off the leash, since we were in a fenced-in area. 

We had so much fun!  She ran joyfully beside me the whole time, and she ran like a horse when I threw her tennis ball!!

And then, at random, she would flop onto the ground and roll over to have me rub her belly.  I would kiss her profusely and then she'd be off and running again!  So cute!

Then on Saturday, we did a tour of parks!  She jumped in my backseat, and off we went.  First, we stopped to eat lunch at my friend Nate's house, where Macy got to meet Theo, his golden.  Then we said good-bye to them and literally spent five hours outside, hiking through the woods and soaking up the brilliant sunshine!  I thanked her, for she had brought me to this park just as much as I had brought her.

During our explorations, we encountered a trio of people in their late 60s who found Macy to be exquisitely beautiful and exceedingly lovely.  This man, his wife, and her sister were astounded by Macy's demeanor, and I walked away with an extra spring in my step, knowing that I have found such a treasure in Macy!

Afterward, Macy and I visited two pet stores, and she even got to accompany me inside the Abbey Bookstore, an adorable little Catholic gift shop owned by (I now realize) a serious dog lover!  Everyone at the store loved how she wore an extra large Miraculous Medal around her neck. 

What a fun weekend this was!