Sunday, March 07, 2010

Our Lady Holds My Tears

The other day, I noticed something beautiful.

Tucked beneath the protective mantel of my statue of Our Lady was one of my dried tears.

I am certain that it is my teardrop because it is darkened by mascara, and a girl just knows what her tears look like when she's cried a lot of them.

This is the largest of my statues of Our Lady, for it is 2-feet tall and designed to go outside.  I bought it several years ago, hoping that one day she would grace the garden of the first house I bought.

But God's plans for us always exceed our own.  He had other plans for this statue that were better than what I had conceived.  Instead, He gave me a house that already had a statue of Our Lady in the garden.  And then He gave me the resources to have a Prayer Room, and it is in there that this statue resides.

I remember that the last time I held this statue, I was crying -- and profusely so.  Because of its size, it tends to be what I will hug with my entire person when I am weeping.  I have gotten this statue wet with my salty tears many times.  She brings me comfort, not only because of her motherly guidance, but because I know she cries, too.  She cries for her Son, she cries for me, and she cries for ALL of us. 

I do not know why this teardrop was saved, but I thank her for keeping it.  Every emotion that I experience must be precious to her.