Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Happy Living Space

I worry sometimes about whether or not a man will ever want to live with me.   As you know, I decorate rather uniquely and a tad brightly.  I really am hoping that my happy decor doesn't deter a masculine man away from me.  It is always perpetual Springtime in my living room, and I do wonder if Mr. Right will mind me being this way.  If you are of the male gender, does this put you off?  Could you live in it...with me?

I realize that everything is temporary.  If I am so lucky so as to one day be married and starting a little family with my husband, certainly my coffee table would be the first to go, since it has chipping paint that could contain lead. 

Mary the Mantle, my beautiful light blue fireplace piece, would probably have to go, too, since she is not mounted to the wall (which would be a safety hazard for little ones).  And all my delicious-looking fake food would have to be boxed up, since I wouldn't want Little Junior to grow up always being suspecious of whether or not food is real or fake.

So I guess I should just embrace this wonderful enviornment while I can.  Everything is temporary, and it's time to savor this now while I can!