Monday, May 10, 2010

A Doggie Birthday :)

Today is Macy's 7th birthday! 

According to the formula, that's about 49 in human years. 

When we woke up this morning, I asked her what she'd like for her birthday. 

Would she like me to come home on my lunch break to give her an extra walk?

Did she want us to go to back to the park this afternoon? 

Did she want a special doggie treat, the kind that looks like a little birthday cake?

What she wanted, she explained, was none other than the classic gift of breakfast in bed!

Since Macy doesn't speak, it took a while for me to understand what she wanted.  We had just finished our morning walk, and I had just filled her dog bowl with breakfast.  But, unlike all previous days, Macy didn't want to eat her breakfast in the kitchen.  She motioned for me to follow her back into the bedroom, where she excitedly sat herself back on her bed, her tail wagging happily while her mouth smiled from ear to floppy ear.

Finally, I caught on.

Receiving breakfast in bed was how she wanted to be spoiled on her birthday, and so this I joyfully did!  I brought the dog bowl into my bedroom, sat it next to her little doggie bed, and she immediately began to eat, while laying down in the comfort and convenience of her bed.

So Macy got her way.  And she deserves to!  My birthday girl is such a blessing!