Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Neighborhood Picnic Out on My Deck

I decided recently that it'd be nice to have my neighbors (from either side of me) come over for dinner out on my deck!

Fortunately, everybody agreed that this would be a nice way to have one last hoorah before the conclusion of the Summer!

One family brought yummy organic lemonade and homemade baked beans with bacon.

Another family brought delicious ears of corn, fresh fruit, and homemade cookies that were to die for!

Michael served up his specially-seasoned hamburgers and hot dogs from the grill, and I tried to provide everything else...like potato salad, macaroni salad, a mixed greens salad with walnuts, cran-raisins, cherry tomatoes, apple slices, cheddar cheese croutons, and an array of dressings to choose from.  Yum!

We had quite the feast and tons of leftovers! 

We all sat on my deck and talked and laughed until it was so dark that I had to turn on the deck lights.  When Michael got up to snap this photograph, which you see below, I tried to reign in my usual teethy-smile because--stuck between every one of my pearlies--was corn!  Haha.