Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why go to a Butterfly Festival? To hold a giant, hissing cockroach, of course.

This weekend Michael and I went to a Butterfly Festival.  One would think that we went for singular purpose of admiring beautiful, delightful butterflies. 

But we didn't. 

Of course, we didn't know this when we departed.  We were under the certain impression that it would be God's unique butterflies that would catch and hold our attention that day. 

But we were wrong.

While we did see many beautiful butterflies, it was one hissing female cockroach that captivated us that day, both with her yuck-factor and with her sheer size and girth.

She wore a leash made of navy blue thread which tethered her to an old man, whom I assume was her owner, master, and caregiver. 

She had traveled afar from Madagascar, and she was, for all intensive purposes, rather gross.

Michael held her first, thinking--I suppose--that he'd have no trouble holding my hand afterward.

But, once the bug germs were on him, why should they not be on me, right? 

So I held the wiggly, segmented thing, posed for a quick photo so that I would have proof of my courage, and then begged the old man to reign her in with the leash, which he promptly did by dangling her in the air with with one quick yank.

I can't believe I did this.  Can you?!