Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Pot of Flowers on My Door Step, A Special Place in My Heart

I love Autumn.  I really do.

My love for the harvest season grows stronger and stronger every year.  It's even beginning to rival my love for Spring!

I love the crunch of the leaves beneath my boots when I walk.

The smell of my neighbor's burning wood fire in the distance drives me absolutely crazy in the evenings.  The aroma makes me feel vibrant and alive.  Yes, it gives me an extra spring in my step when I walk my dog!

Autumn gives me the opportunity to wear those cozy sweaters I have tucked away.  And I'm so excited to dive into my drawer of scarves and mittens.

This season makes me appreciate my home more...because a chilly nightfall makes coming indoors incredibly inviting. 

Yes, this year, I am more excited for Autumn than I have been in my WHOLE LIFE.

Age 31 has been a bountiful year of unexpected harvests for me.  I never expected that the seasons would be so savory to me.  This past Summer was my best one yet.  And, so far, Autumn is stacking up to be even better!

To celebrate the season we are in, I decided to put a happy pot of Autumn flowers on my side door step.  The kitchen door on the side of my house is the one I use most frequently.  The front door, on the other hand, only gets opened when I'm checking my mail or walking over to Mass.  :)