Tuesday, September 28, 2010

These 2 Fans Stayed Till the End :)

This weekend, Michael and I attended what was nicknamed "The World Series" of the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees rivalry.

Our Red Sox would be battling their greatest opponent on the opponent's home turf.  Yikes!

New York Yankees fans can be a rowdy bunch, apparently.  I encountered them for the first time a few weeks ago when they played the Orioles at Camden Yards.  Michael had suggested we root for the Orioles, simply because they were playing against our enemy.  Hee-hee.

So, this weekend, we went up to New York City (along with Colleen, Michael's friend from high school who is a die-hard Yankees fan) and took the subway into the Bronx.  On the subway, we found ourselves huddled together in conversation with the few other Red Sox fans that were present, perhaps to block out the possibility of having to respond to callings out of the Yankees fans.  Haha.  Fortunately, Colleen didn't hassle us too much.  :)

When we got to Yankee Stadium, their fans were pumped with enthusiasm.  I was shocked and appalled by an elderly woman who sat in a wheelchair and insisted on giving us the middle finger (from both of her hands!) as we walked by.  She was so decrepit, yet so angry at us!  She snarled and growled at us; and, if Michael hadn't tugged me onward, I would have surely started crying, right then and there!  Sometimes I am entirely too sensitive.  :-(

Fortunately, the Red Sox started strong, continued strong, and ended strong, beating the Yankees with a score of...was it 7 to 2, perhaps?  I forget.

I felt sorry for the Yankees when their fans started leaving after the 7th inning stretch.  That is precisely when a team needs their fans the most!  The fans' immediate disappointment and (I shall say it!) disloyalty (as shown by their leaving) was discouraging.

Notice the difference in the before and after photographs of Michael and I in the stadium.  When the game ended, there were very few Yankees fans left.  That really did make me quite sad!

And, actually, Michael must have felt similarly, because he clapped for the Yankees a few times when they achieved something difficult and impressive (which they certainly did)!

Here are some more photographs from the wonderful weekend in New York.  Thank you for letting me share!