Monday, October 18, 2010

Girl Sews World's Tinest Brown Wool Scapular :)

Yesterday in Adoration, I decided to sew my own Brown Scapular.

My goal was to make it feminine and petite, more little than any other scapular I've ever seen.

So...into the church I took my needle and thread.  And then I quietly began stitching.

For each stitch, I said a prayer for someone.  This method of sewing together my prayers was enormously fun. :)

Most of the time I was alone with Jesus, but sometimes I wasn't.  And when we had company, I wondered if people wondered what I doing.

I tried to be discreet, but sometimes sewing requires large gestures, especially when the thread is long and you've got a lot of it to pull through the fabric.  And since the pink thread was very thin, I'm sure it was invisible to others.  With the brown wool piece being extra tiny and probably not seen either, I'm sure anyone who sat in the church behind me thought I was communicating with God in a very animated fashion!

And imagine how I must have looked when I measured the circumference of my head with the brown cord!  Haha.  Oh well.

So, now around my neck, I shall carry with me all the prayer intentions I have for my loved ones.

If you'd like me to sew you a mini Brown Scapular, just pick your thread color, promise me an hour of Adoration, and it's yours!  :)