Monday, June 20, 2011

My Wedding Shower!

This past weekend, the women of our families honored me with a wedding shower! 

I was quite thankful for everyone's generosity and kindness.  I couldn't believe some of the gifts we got!

Originally, I had requested not to have a shower because I really don't do well being the center of attention anymore.  Plus, I am thankful to already be blessed with a house full of things, so I didn't feel like registering for gifts was necessary.

But Michael's mother insisted, and his sister reminded me that a small shower would give the women of our families a chance to meet and spend time together before the wedding.

I rode to the party with my mother, grandmother, and aunt.  When we arrived, I noticed that Michael's mother had decorated both the inside and outside of the house for the occasion!  Wow!

There was tons of food, tons of people, and lots of gifts!

Michael's mom got me an ice cream cake!  Those are one of my favs!!

Here's me and my mom!

And here we are with my grandmother, aunt, and Michael's mother!  Oh, how I wish I would have thought to snap more pictures!  There are many more of us that should have been in these family pictures!  :-(

Guests went home with two favors: a little box of Wilbur buds and a cute bookmark that my mother made (with a photo of Michael and me on it, as well as a poem about marriage).

Meanwhile, Michael was enjoying his bachelor party with his brother Terry, his father Terry, his best friend Terry, Manny, Ray, Andrew, Chuck, Dennis, Greg, and a second Michael.  They spent the afternoon golfing, then went out to eat, and finally finished the night with a baseball game!

What a very special weekend it was for both of us.  We thank God for all the people who love us and made this past weekend what it was!