Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Opening Our Doors to the Trick-or-Treat'ers :)

Last night was a mad dash home to be there in time for the trick-or-treat'ers.

We were so excited to experience our first memory of passing out candy to the neighborhood kids!  (The last time I passed out candy was years ago, back when I lived at home!)

On his lunch break, Michael had picked up MANY large bags of Snickers, Twixx, Kit-Kats, and peanut-filled M&M's.  We were all set!

That afternoon when they stopped by to walk Macy, Mom and Dad had dropped off lab coats, so that I could be a mad scientist and so that Michael could be a doctor.

I raced to throw dinner in the oven (chicken breasts with cranberry stuffing inside), and then I put outside our boom box, which played at maximum volume the CD of scary sounds that I got free in a cereal box a few years ago.  Surely, this would bring the crowds of curious kids!

But, as the time passed, a sad realization came upon us:  nobody was a'knockin'.

Finally, after 45 minutes of waiting, we got our first knock.  It was a bunch of my students!  We joyfully passed out our candy, commented on their costumes, and thought that the fun was surely just beginning.  But then...another 20 minutes passed before someone else knocked at the door.  Then another deflating 40 minutes passed until we got our next visitor, which was then our last.  Huge bummer!

Dejected, we took off our lab coats, brought in the boom box, turned off the outside lights, and sat down for dinner.  It was a good thing I didn't make dessert because we certainly had plenty of candy to eat!