Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrating Easter a Bit Early

Praise God for an ever-growing family!  With such a multi-faceted family as we now have, it's become necessary to have multiple celebrations of holidays in order to see everyone.  :)

So, the other weekend, we celebrated Easter a bit early with my Aunt Paula, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Richard, and my wonderful cousins -- Greg, Nick, and Brad!  All were present except for my eldest cousin, Steve, who had college obligations that kept him from joining us.

We gathered for a delicious buffet brunch at a restaurant that was equidistant between all of us.  Mom thoughtfully created an Easter game for us to play which resulted in each of us going home with Easter candy, the amount of which depended on how lucky you were at the game!  My Aunt Paul was lucky enough to score the giant chocolate Easter bunny!

It was so great being with everyone!