Friday, March 30, 2012

The Ultimate Baby To-Do List

Last night, I created and hung The Ultimate Baby To-Do List on our kitchen door.

I figured it would be a neat way for Michael and I to keep track of the many things we want to do to prepare our home and our lives for the arrival of Baby in just 5 short months!

For example, these are the things I'd like to have done around the house:

          • test all antique furniture and window sills for the presence of lead paint 
  • test basement for the presence of radon
  • install new banisters on both of our staircases
  • relocate our several motion detectors for the security system 
  • relocate the wireless DSL box to keep those strange, invisible waves farthest away from Baby
  • create a beautiful nursery
As we walk out the side door each day, we'll be reminded of what's on our checklist.  And, as you'll notice, I hung a pen on the side so that we can easily cross off and add to the list as we make updates.

Hopefully it will be a fun, effective tool for us!  I'm sure that when the baby is born in September, it's going to be FULL of writing!