Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Michael as a Cartoon :)

I love packing my husband's lunch each day.

Amid his sandwich and fruit, tucked somewhere beneath the bag of chips and hidden behind the napkin, I usually tuck a little love note.

Sometimes, it'll just be a few words.  But lately, I've been inspired to draw.

Here's what he got in his lunch today:

I think he'll laugh the hardest at seeing how my rendition of him includes a fu manchu mustache.  Just now, I realize that I spelled it wrong on the drawing.  I abbreviated it as "chew," instead of "chu."  Oh well! 

My favorite part of this realistic portrait is what I've labeled as his "dream tattoo."  If you squint, can you see what it is?  It's my name, inked on his arm.  :)