Wednesday, May 23, 2012

To Run Faster and Jump Higher

Somewhere around 22 weeks pregnant, I developed this crazy, horrible back pain. 

At first, I tried to ignore it.  But eventually, people began to notice that I was walking funny. 

And it wasn't just the normal pregnancy waddle.  I was downright limping.  Ouch!  I was walking like I was 12 months pregnant instead of just 7.  It hurt soooo badly.

Since I stand all day long while teaching and since I weigh more now than I ever have before in my life, it made sense, I guess. 

Michael and I talked about whether or not I should see a chiropractor.  And I was almost that desperate.  But then I thought about what my mother would say. 

No doubt, she would scold me for wearing flip-flops so often.  And to school, I've worn nothing but unsupportive flats.  The fix that I knew my mother would recommend would be to invest in a good pair of sneakers, probably the kind with insoles to shape my arch.

And so I did just that!  I indulged in a hot pink pair of Asics, realizing (ashamedly) that I had not purchased supportive sneakers like this since FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.  Gasp!

The women at Lady Footlocker explained that pregnancy hormones were causing all my joints to widen and separate in preparation for labor.  This I knew, but I just didn't think about the effect this would have on my feet.

As a result, my feet would be more prone to becoming flat-footed, they explained.  If I was going to have any hope of a normal foot after pregnancy, I would need to wear insoles to support my arch.  In the months that followed our baby's birth, the women continued, my bones would slowly tighten and harden again.  So it was wise to make sure that my feet solidified into the RIGHT position with an arch, and not into a flat feet that would probably be one size larger than I am now.

Incredibly, after just one day of wearing my new sneakers, my back pain lessened.  My principal gave me permission to wear them every day, and now--having enjoyed them for 2 weeks--my pain is completely gone.  I am walking at my normal pace and doing all that I want to!  Praise God!