Saturday, May 12, 2012

New for Our Kitchen

Years and years and YEARS ago, I bought this fun little blackboard at the Pottery Barn.

It's got hooks to hang your keys and a place in which to put the mail and other little oddities.

Finally, for the first time in the 7 years since I've had it, I decided to hang it. 

Michael's father was kind enough to do it for me the other weekend when he was here.

I figured that Michael and I could use the blackboard as a communication station.  Or, I could use it to advertise this week's dinner specials.  :)

In the mornings, I usually hang Michael's bagged lunch on one of the hooks so that he can grab it on his way out the door.  Even though we don't have chalk and chalkboards at school anymore, my colleague saved a box of chalk and gave it to me last week!  :)