Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Intimidation of the Pregnant Woman

I'm beginning to realize that carrying a baby brings with it an intimidation factor that seems to overpower men.  Or maybe it's a call to chivalry that is at a decibel frequency that we women can't hear.

Men seem to quickly step aside...or clear the way for me...and I get my way -- with assistance.

This is very interesting and unexpected for a girl who's not used to intimidating others.  Allow me to give you an example.

Yesterday morning, a pair of men in their early twenties picked up our trash.  I observed them through the kitchen window while I was packing Michael's lunch.  One of the men looked at, paused, and then refused to pick up the potted plant I put out with the trash.

This was completely understandable, of course, as trash collection usually doesn't include organic material like that.  But I wasn't sure, so I had placed the potted plant with the trash to gave it a try.  It was no huge loss that they refused to take it.

After kissing Michael good-bye and waving to him as he drove off to work, I walked out of the house, picked up the potted plant, and started heading to the garage -- where I thought I would dump its contents in our brush pile and then save the plastic container for recycling.

Perhaps my pregnant waddle-walk looked hormonal or determined or frustrated because--way down at the end of the road--the garbage men with their truck saw me and one of them began to yell, "IS THAT TRASH?" at the top of his lungs.  It was most unexpected.

Before I could even answer, he started RUNNING.  HARD.  He was determined to book it all the way from the end of the road to my location (which was QUITE a distance) and chivalrously take the hanging plant from my hands. 

When he arrived all out of breath and sweating, I didn't know what to say.  I was completely fine with him not taking it!  But he insisted.  Too hell with the environment, his expression showed.  There is something greater at stake here.

Meanwhile, his buddy in the trash truck was backing up the truck in an effort to get him back on board.  What a big to-do for such a little plant -- and the plant was dead, after all!

Anyway, the plant got tossed into the huge butt-mouth of the garbage truck, and off they went.  As I returned to the house, I rubbed my baby-belly in amused thanksgiving!  And then I said a little prayer for both men for being such nice gentlemen.