Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Night's Speech

Does this flier look familiar?  :)

Last night I gave my Authentic Attraction speech again.

This time it was to a Catholic young adult group out in West Chester called CYACC.

There were about 65 people in attendance!

Praise God, I was so much more comfortable giving the speech this time around.

I felt more relaxed, natural, and casual -- like I was talking to a bunch of friends.

And many of them ARE friends, for it was delightful to look out in the audience and see so many smiling faces that I knew.

It's humbling and freeing to admit the mistakes I've made in the past, to reveal the fears that inhibited me, and to share the advice that I had been given by others and finally lived.

After my speech concluded, we had a question and answer time as a whole group -- and I enjoyed every bit of it!  Then, once we said the closing prayer and dismissed everyone, I treasured the moments I shared with individuals who came up to ask me personal questions.  :)

Thank you, Jesus, for this opportunity to serve You!

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