Friday, August 17, 2012

A Little Miracle to Report!

Dear reader, I must acknowledge a miracle that I believe I received from God thanks to your prayerful intercession.

Remember that superficial blood clot in my leg, just below the knee? 

Not to be confused with the new, pink, swollen Something that resides a few inches above it (for which I still ask your prayers), this first leg problem has--I believe--completely healed. 

It is smooth now and no longer bulging, pink, or hard.  Gone is the pain.  All that remains is a faint blue vein that appears to be sneaking back into the privacy of my skin.  No, not even a spider vein is resulting.  I feel like, in the weeks to come, it might disappear from view altogether.

I thank you for your prayers, and I thank God for this healing. There is no explanation for it other than a miracle, since obviously my baby weight hasn't left me yet.  Praise God!