Friday, August 17, 2012

Just My Wedding Band

There's something so beautiful and unassuming about wearing only your wedding band.

Without the glitz and glamor of a sparkly engagement ring to distract the eyes and mind, the wedding band by itself leaves only modesty -- and the contemplation of your marriage vows.

I've been wearing only my wedding band lately because my fingers are ever-so-slightly a tad swollen, both from pregnancy and these hot summer days. 

Rather than attempt to jam on and squeeze off my engagement ring daily, I've decided to allow it to rest in the protection of our safety deposit box at the bank.  Yes, I miss it -- but I also like this new simplicity I have on hand.

I look down, not to see a pretty matching bridal set, but rather a singular testament to the vows I made to Michael before God and our family and friends on July 16, 2011.  That was precisely one year, one month, and one day ago.  :)

This ring says only one thing but very profoundly:  I am committed to the man that I love.