Friday, August 17, 2012

Boots, Jeans, and Rum Raisin Lipstick

Fall is going to be great this year.  I can just feel it.

Soon it will be time to wear leather boots over new dark denim jeans.  We'll cozy into thick sweaters and inhale the crisp morning air like it's a drug.  The morning sunshine will cut through the trees at a sharp, sideways angle that only happens during this time of year.

I'll get to open up my box of scarves again and keep my favorites in a basket by the door.  Crunchy brown and orange leaves will lay before our feet like a carpet on the sidewalk.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll get to resurrect my rum raisin lipstick again.  A hold-over from 1993, I'm sentimentally attached to this little drying-out tube of color.

I bought it because the girl on the cover of my Seventeen Magazine was wearing it.  High school was just beginning for us, and--for the first time in my life--I was all about Autumn.  And so were my girl friends.  It was like we had just discovered something brand new.

Fall has a way about doing that to a person.  Even though the foliage around us is technically dying, everything suddenly seems to pop with newness.  Our eyes, formerly jaded by dark sunglasses and sliding sunscreen, are now open.  We see things that before we didn't.

My eyes see good things coming.  :)