Friday, August 17, 2012

Lovin' This

Today's product placement is the Suave Professionals Salon Proven Shampoo for Dry or Frizzy Hair.

I'm going to place the product right here in the middle of the screen for you.  :)  There you go.

Let's pretend like it's this week's sponsor for my blog or something, so that I can feel like one of those cool girls with a fancy, mommy-themed blog with links and ads all over the place.

How do they do it, I wonder?  What Blogger template do they use?  And are they really generating funds for their families?  I wish I were!

I feel a little out of the loop in that regard.  But oh well.

Back to my point:  this truly is fantastic shampoo.  And nobody's paying me to say it.  I've been using it for the last several days, and I like the way that my tresses feel.

My locks feel soft and shiny, yet they have a volume and strength that normally becomes absent when I use products that promote sleekness.

I haven't even been using conditioner, and yet I'm loving the results.  :)