Friday, August 17, 2012

My New Favorite Channel

I've decided that I just loooove the Hallmark Channel.  Number 604, you are now my favorite.

I think it's all I'm going to watch until Baby is here.  The movies are thoughtful, emotional, and always end beautifully and teach a valuable lesson.

When I channel surf (which had been rare but is now becoming a new sport for me, given that I'm trying to keep myself parked on the couch), I would often land on stupid shows with depressing topics. 

Maybe it's Divorce Court.  Or perhaps it's the Maury Show where couples are feuding over infidelities.  Perhaps it's a crime scene investigation where a murder has just happened.  Or maybe it's a shopping channel where the plastic women are clucking about how this beauty product is sure to improve your sex life.

Shows like this give me this lingering yucky feeling after I turn off the TV.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  It takes a few minutes to wear off.  And it leaves you feeling like you just accomplished absolutely nothing.  Perhaps, even, life just got a little worse.  Yuuuuuck.

But the Hallmark Channel is awesome.   The movies teach lessons that make me value even the little things of life.  I'm happily hooked.  :)