Friday, August 17, 2012

Please Pray Again

Dear Reader,

Every time I have asked you to pray for baby and me, you have -- and your prayers have truly mitigated our situation!

Now again I come to you asking for your prayers for us, please.

A varicose vein on my leg (just a few inches above the "blood clot" I've spoken about previously) has become inflamed, pink, swollen, and very painful.

The vein specialist doctor diagnosed my leg veins with reflux back in June or July, and truly I can feel this.  Standing is painful.  Once I get walking, it's better.  But coming to a stop--or just starting out--must send all my blood into a standstill and it is a very uncomfortable, disgusting feeling.

Please, will you take a moment right now to ask Our Lord to heal my leg and make the pain go away?  Please also pray that this condition is not dangerous to baby and me.  I pray that the pinkness and swelling is not indicative of an infection, and I pray that this is not a more serious blood clot.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!