Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pampering Myself with a Pedicure

This week I pampered myself with a pedicure.

It's not that I felt like spending money frivolously.  I usually can never rationalize a pedicure unless I'm going to be in a wedding or something.

The reason why I did it is because my pregnant belly makes caring for my toe nails impossible now.

I thought about asking Michael to clip my toe nails.  But every time I'm fresh out of the shower with soft nails, he's at work.

Plus, there was gunk under my toe nails, and I felt bad asking him to take care of that. 

In addition, I'd need nail polish remover to remove the chipped peach paint that was lingering. 

And would he have a hand steady enough to give me a French pedicure?  Doubtful.

I figured he'd probably just tell me to spend the $30 and go get it done.  So I did.  And boy, do my piggies look great now!!  Yay!  What a nice little pick-me-up!  :)