Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Please let this be my maximum size!

I can't get any larger than this.  I've barely got anything left to wear.


All my maternity clothes are uncomfortable now, except for maybe a few shirts that are--thank God--large enough.

I don't fit in my maternity jeans.  I've outgrown all my maternity shorts.  None of my bras fit.

Everything is too tight and uncomfortable and restricting.  If I could walk around naked all day, I would do so.

At my last few doctor's appointments, my weight has been steady at a girthy 170.  So this must be my maximum size.

My legs certainly hope so.  Or at least my one definitely does.  The combination of varicose veins and a superficial blood clot make standing on my right leg very painful.  So I hobble now.  It's not exactly fun.

Thus, I wear sundresses most of the time and kick my feet up whenever possible.  Michael keeps reminding me that I've only got a little bit left to go now.  And I keep telling Baby that we're ready whenever he or she is!