Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Beacon of Light Shining

My mother's cousin Marialyce is a beautiful person, inside and out.  She recently triumphed over breast cancer and is now an inspirational speaker.  I can't image anyone else better suited for such a position, as she is always a bright light, always uplifting, always encouraging, and always radiating positive energy!  She truly is a beacon of light shining!

Along with my Mother, Grandmother, and Aunt Tess, Marialcye prayed hard for little Liam and me during labor.  And, praise God, all those prayers worked, for Liam and I got through the process safe and healthy.

Recently, Marialyce and her husband Jim traveled here to meet Liam for the first time.  They just loved him!!

Marialyce's wonderful blog, appropriately called Beacon of Light, is full of uplifting stories of life, intertwined with her beautiful faith.  It is absolutely worth reading -- and returning to.  Check it out at the link below!