Thursday, September 20, 2012

Combining Breastfeeding with Prayer

My dear reader, I have so many weaknesses, but tonight God brought one in particular into the light.

He showed me that I greatly neglect my prayer life.  And, in particular, I often tell others that I will pray for them -- and then forget to do so.  It is horrible, and tonight I realized just how truly terrible it is.

As I experienced this sad epiphany, God simultaneously presented me with a solution.  I sit every day now for hours on end, nursing my sweet Liam.  There is no reason why I can't combine breastfeeding with prayer.

And what could be better than to pray WITH a little child who was so recently created in the image and likeness of God! 

And so, I have decided this:  I will pray the Rosary with Liam on a daily basis.  The first decade will be devoted to a prayer intention for our little nuclear family.  The second decade will be devoted to a prayer intention for our extended family.  And the remaining three decades will be for whomever requests it.

I will record these intentions in a little leather prayer book, and if I should get more than 3 requests for prayers from friends in any given day, then I will schedule those intentions for the next day's Rosary.

I will periodically look back on my writings in the little leather prayer book to see how God has answered our prayers, even if the answers come in forms that we do not expect.

So, please, dear reader, get me started.  For what shall I pray about on your behalf?