Sunday, February 03, 2013

Re-Organizing the Kitchen!

Yesterday felt great.  I re-organized my kitchen.

I brought everything out from the cupboard, sorted it, discarded stuff, donated stuff, and boxed up stuff for the move.  Now there's all this extra space for AIR.  We can finally breathe.

Who knew that I had over 50 containers of Tupperware?  Goodness.  Who knew that I had duplicates of vegetable steamers, triplicates of measuring spoon sets, and FIVE containers of dried basil leaves? 

I got rid of that awful glass cutting board, kept only three of the 27 silicone baking spatulas I found, and chose only ONE appliance to keep out on the counter, along with a singular bowl of fruit.

I also took stock of all food in the house, writing a list so that we can eat up what's here before we go out for more.  As I brought everything out, I detached the shelves in our refrigerator and submerged them into hot, sudsy water in the sink.  It felt great.

Now there's easy access to the crock pot.  Only my favorite mugs, glasses, and coffee tumblers remain.  And, finally, I found those cute little glass dishes with lids so that my husband doesn't need to nuke his lunch in plastic every day.

Ahh.  Success.