Friday, September 13, 2013

A Little Boy and His Faith

I pray all the time that God would bless Liam with a beautiful and solid faith.  And I do believe that we are starting to see the outward expression of Liam's faith already!

This morning, he reached over our pillows and began to play with the Rosaries we have hanging on our bed post.  As his precious fingers held the crucifix of one Rosary, I excitedly packed the meat and potatoes of our catechism into one mega-sentence:  "Yes, that's Jesus on the cross Who died for our sins and saved us from death, and we saw Him yesterday at church."  :)

I was happy with him just listening, but he did something more to show me his understanding:  He turned to me, smiled, and then looked and pointed (with his sweet little index finger extended) at the crucifix on our wall.  And then he gave an excited little yelp....and looked back at me for confirmation.

"Yes, that's also Jesus!" I affirmed, excited that he had connected the little Rosary cross in his Hand with the same Jesus on the wall.

And so, I lifted the cross off the wall and kissed Jesus, and then offered it to Liam to do the same, which he did -- in his slobbery, little boy way.  :)

What a great way to start our day.  That had to be a little boy's version of Morning Prayer.  :)

Good morning, everyone.