Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hanging It Up...For Now

We had a family meeting last night.  I called it to order.

I wanted to talk about my photography business and the continual client bookings I've been getting.

While I immensely love going out on location and enjoy post-production editing afterward, I'm seeing how this is negatively impacting my little family.

Instead of interacting with my son during the day, my eyes are glued to the computer screen, editing hundreds of photographs each week.

Instead of going to our local park with Michael and Liam on the weekends, I'm traveling to other parks and spending time with other families, instead of my own.

Because of photography, it's like I'm back to work again -- and our little family and home is suffering because of my absence.  We need warm dinners, time together, and a clean kitchen more than we need additional income.

This is why I gave up teaching.  And this is why I'm now giving up photography.  So although I have several client bookings scheduled for the remainder of this month, October, and November, none more will be added to the calendar.  My grand finale will be a November wedding, and I'm excited beyond belief for that.

Will I always love photography?  Yes.  Will I get back into it?  Of course.  But, in the meantime, this photographer's lens is focusing back on her son and her husband.  And that's just where my focus needs to be.

This dream will go on hold because my biggest dream is coming true right in front of me every day, and I don't want to miss a second of it.  I'm raising the sweetest boy in the world and I'm married to the best man ever, and I couldn't be happier.

On the last day of this beautiful month of September, I'll be taking my photography website off-line.  And I'll be inhaling a deep breath of blissful peace.

Good-bye for now, Photography.  I have loved you, but I love my son more.

Because it's not about me anymore.  It's about him.